Give Me Your Intention To Heal Along With 2 Half Days And I’ll Give You Unique Techniques To Heal Yourself And Any Inner Disturbances In Relationship To Your Family



Family Tree Level 1 Healing Training to learn to heal yourself and dissolve family trauma that will empower healthy relationships within your family.

When: Saturday, December 11th & Saturday, January 15th

Where: Online via Zoom

Translation in Russian
(Recordings available)

Let Me Guess How Things Are Like In Your Life Now...

Do you... stress about family near the holidays?

Maybe you find yourself...wishing your family members would finally accept the way and who you are?

Or perhaps you...have family trauma or something that happened in the past, like an old grudge you are holding on to?

I can totally relate because that was exactly how my life was for the last few years!

Just like you, I dreaded family get-togethers and experienced expectations of how I wanted my family to relate to me or show acceptance and appreciation.

2 years ago, I was in this position with my family.

I almost preferred not to join the family for vacations or events, even if it was in a luxurious place.

It was tough... but thankfully, I managed to turn things around, and dissolved the reactions within me to feel balanced and healed within my family unit.

Everything Is About To Change...

If you’d like to...feel empowered in your life and family

If you are interested in... increasing your success

Or if you want to... manifest your heart desires

Then please take a moment to read this because it could potentially change the trajectory of your
life... just like it has changed mine.

Here’s why: I’ve discovered a new way to dissolve the family patterns that are holding you back and I’ve helped hundreds of students and clients to have family and life success by developing intuition and a meditative mind and I want to help you too!


Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn When You Enroll In My Family Tree Healing Training...

Most importantly, from experience with my past students, this has the opportunity to change your life for the better, as well as:

Be in an empowered space in relation to your family history.

Learn how to lessen the resistance or the suffering of the family patterns of your past and lineage.

Learn unique techniques you can do on a regular basis.

This Is For You If… You Have Family-Related Stress.

Are you feeling stuck or frustrated that family patterns are controlling your life, actions, and/or reactions?

I have created Family Tree Healing to specifically help you dissolve the patterns by learning and implementing my specialized healing training technique, tools, and processes.


After Several Years, I Finally Figured Out The Secret Sauce To Successfully Heal The Family Tree To Bring Success And Enlightenment.

Over the past 30 years, I’ve dedicated my life to helping new to yoga to avid yogis enjoy enlightenment and success. There have been so many zig-zags in my teaching and healing around the world in Russia, Mexico, Europe, and everything in between… I’ve seen it all!

I’ve tirelessly refined my teaching system designed to help you be YOU! It hasn’t always been this way though.

I have had some significant hurdles within the Kundalini Yoga and Sat Nam Rasayan industry.

I have made hundreds of improvements and also changed things up to “mistake-proof” the system as much as possible so that you can be successful.

Today, I proudly present to you my 2 Module Healing Training that has been tried-and-tested to help students like you enjoy enlightenment and life success simultaneously.

Every little detail has been tested and we’ve refined this system over the years for it to become what it is today.

Here’s how my 2-step Healing Training works:

  • Firstly, stabilize your meditative mind
  • Then, learn to inter-relate with your family members individually
  • We will also learn how to sense deep family patterns affecting you

Are you excited to join? Because I am!


Mahan Kirn Who?

Hey, I'm Mahan Kirn! Family Tree Healing Training took me over 25 years of my own yoga and healing personal studies to launch a unique online learning and training system.

Here’s more about me and why I’m qualified to help you enjoy enlightenment and life success!

  • ​25 years helping thousands of students to experience inner awareness and success.
  • KRI lead Trainer, Level 3 Sat Nam Rasayan Teacher, Spiritual Psychology, Trauma Therapist, Author, Founder of Bound Lotus Foundation!
  • ​Social media following of over 9000 followers.
  • Featured in Forbes, Fox News, LA Yoga, Yoga Actuel, the Angeleno & much more.
  • It is my passion to help you feel the best of YOU.
  • Served over 10,000 customers who bought Kundalini Yoga Classes, workshops and Healing Trainings

Some fun facts: I am a Dog Mom. During my free time, I am learning how to paint. I love to play the harmonica and my didgeridoo in the car when no one is listening!

Family Tree Level 1 Healing Training & Certification

Click the button below to sign up with one payment of $395.


"I took the family healing class last night, and it had an amazing effect on me. I have a family issue with my son, and I have been working on a difficult project that needs lots of concentration. My work was lagging behind, could not progress. I was stuck, spending too much time at my desk eaten up by black thoughts. This morning I’m a changed person. My workflows, my head is clear. Wrote a nice message to my son. I feel happy and light. Unburdened! Thank you! "

Elizabeth Rohwer

"Mahankirn's visit to my home changed everything. In the space of an afternoon, she healed the space and caused a palatable energy shift in every room and every corner. I could feel my body respond to her work and relax and settle into deeper levels of comfort and security than I have ever felt. And her expert suggestions of where to replace objects and furniture items have made the space much more dynamic and functional. My space is now vibrant and flowing and I am finding myself suddenly bursting with creativity and drawn to much healthier patterns. Mahankirn is truly a gift."


"One of the best training I’ve ever taken! The online course was designed so well that I feel I was able to sit with the material and let it “marinate”. I absolutely loved it! And looking forward to the next one! With much gratitude!"


Are you ready to free your deep-rooted family blocks with Family Tree Healing Training?

You Will Get...

  • Two 4 Hour Training Sessions:
    • Module 1: A 4 Hour Training Session
    • Module 2: A 4 Hour Training Session
  • Gift Class: How to your left and right sides of the body (Full Moon October class recording)
  • Gift Masterclass: “How to heal your Family” Live on November 13th and replay after
  • Homework Handouts & Assignments
  • Meditations for Self-Study
  • Spiritual Psychology Compassionate Self-forgiveness Exercise
  • Anger Release Exercise (Louis Hays Audio recording)
  • Access to weekly Instagram Live Classes
  • And Much More!

Click the button below to sign up with one payment of $395.


What's Stopping You?

Even if you are tired of Zoom trainings and wish we could meet in person….. Me too!!! :)

Even if you feel like you have taken all the Yoga & Healing trainings out there.

Even if you are frustrated with the Yoga Politics.

Family Tree Healing Training can STILL help you. In fact, we’ve helped many others who were exactly like you to resolve and dissolve deep-rooted issues related to the family that is causing you to be stuck in your life.

This is because This is a new and simple refreshing approach that anyone can practice to bring healing to yourself and your family tree members.

So what are you waiting for?

Family Tree Level 1 Healing Training & Certification

Click the button below to sign up with one payment of $395.


Frequently Asked Questions

How fast till I get results?

This depends! We are unable to guarantee results for legal reasons - we can’t predict what you will do with the Family Tree Healing Training! I can say this though - over the past 2 years we’ve had over many success stories that you can view on this page. In general, it is not uncommon for most students to get results in the first class. Our best students listen to our instructions and we’ve seen people get results in as little as instantly as during the live training.

Will this work for people with little or no Kundalini Yoga or healing experience?

Yes! If you are interested in this course it will work, as you have a body, a mind, breath, and awareness. Mahan Kirn makes it simple enough for beginners and interesting for advanced practitioners. If you are new to online zoom classes to learn deep healing work, you are not alone! You can learn valuable self-healing techniques in the comfort of your own home and without having to jump on an airplane!

Mahan Kirn has designed a special program with homework assignments, classroom support, partner programs for case studies, and supporting handouts.

Why is this so affordable?

I know right, it is insane. This is because we are wanting the training to be accessible to everyone! 

Do you have a discount offer?

The early registrant $50 discount expired December 1st. 

Do I need previous yoga, meditation or healing experience to join this training?

No previous experience is required. I am accustomed to teaching a diverse group of experience, and creating a harmonious class atmosphere for all to have a transformative experience. There is something for everyone! If you have never taken a Kundalini Yoga class, there may be some new words and we tune in with “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo” to start the class, which means “I bow to the guide within myself.” We do some breathing exercises and use some mantras or sounds to have a specific effect to expand intuition or reduce stress. 

Is this a Sat Nam Rasayan Course?

Mahan Kirn has trained in Sat Nam Rasayan for 27 years and incorporates qualities of Inner Silence or Shuniya in all of her classes and trainings.

What if I have taken other courses with Mahan Kirn i.e. Inner Chakra, 5 Elements, 3 Minute Start, Mah Bound Lotus? How is the Family Tree Healing training different?

The Family Tree Healing training is a new course that has not yet been taught.

What kind of support can I expect to get?

We pride ourselves on providing the best support possible for all my students. Support groups may be set up in Whatsapp, Telegram, and Facebook as needed depending on primary language. If you need support at any point, email us with your questions at [email protected] We are just an email away!

Have a question that wasn't answered here?

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