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INNER CHAKRA Healing Training ™ with Mahan Kirn

Six Live Sessions (2 hours per session)

This course involves 20 hours of training (12 hours of training in person and 8 hours assigned personal home study)


Live via Zoom (computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone required)


Russian and Spanish (Please let us know if you need the training in another language)


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During this training, we experience: 
  • How to become a sophisticated and intuitive Yogi
  • How to create a yoga & meditation practice that serves you
  • How to stabilize your Meditative Mind
  • How to balance Positive, Negative Neutral Mind
  • How to stabilize Shuniya, or Meditative Silence
  • How to sense if you are in state of Stress VS Intuition
  • How to sense your own chakras & How they are working together
  • How to create your own unique path to Self-Realization
  • How to heal others at a Distance

What you will receive in this Training:

  • Tools to serve yourself
  • Tools to serve others
  • Tools to create your own  healing practice
  • Tools to enhance your existing service offerings
  • Tools to increase your income
Who is this Training for?
This training is for those who wish to have a deeper experience of their own self healing. Caregivers, Yoga Teachers, Parents, Energy Healers, Yogis, Entrepreneurs, Life Coaches. Anyone wanting to claim their Destiny.
Will I get a certificate?
We will be issuing a certificate of completion, once you submit the homework requirements.

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