20 Hour Online Training & Certification Program with Mahan Kirn

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Inner Chakra work is one of the most powerful healing practices available.


But what exactly does it do?

It helps to restore the flow of life energy (prana) throughout the body, enhancing the feeling of overall wellbeing in powerful and sometimes subtle ways.

Like a spring cleaning for your energy system, this treatment unblocks, re-activates and re-balances the chakras, paving the way for increased levels of health and consciousness.

Who is this training for?

This training is for those who wish to have a deeper experience of their own self healing.

Caregivers , Yoga Teachers, Parents Energy Healers, Yogis Entrepreneurs, Life Coaches, and Anyone wanting to claim their Destiny.

What's Included:

Live Call with Mahan Kirn

Two - 3 hour live training + open coaching calls with Master Healer Mahan Kirn

Private Group Community

Access to our private group for continued training and support.

Normal cost of training is $995. Register now and receive 60% off regular price! 

The program begins Saturday, May 21, 2022.

Register for Just $395

You will discover:

  • How to become a sophisticated and intuitive Yogi
  • How to create a yoga & meditation practice that serves you
  • How to stabilize your Meditative Mind
  • How to balance Positive, Negative Neutral Mind
  • How to stabilize Shuniya, or Meditative Silence
  • How to sense if you are in state of Stress VS Intuition
  • How to sense your own chakras & How they are working together
  • How to create your own unique path to Self-Realization
  • How to heal others at a Distance

You will receive:

  • Tools to serve yourself
  • Tools to serve others
  • Tools to create your own  healing practice
  • Tools to enhance your existing service offerings
  • Tools to increase your income

Register Now To Receive 60% Off!

The normal cost of this training and certification program is $995. When you join today, you get access for just one payment of $395.

The program begins Saturday, May 21, 2022.

Register Today for Just $395