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Mahan Kirn was born into the Kundalini Yoga world. Her parents were American converts who had gone from being free-spirited hippies to devout disciples of Yogi Bhajan, unaware that he would sexually abuse more than a dozen women in his community, including their daughter. In 2020, Mahan Kirn was the primary whistleblower in the Yogi Bhajan sexual assault revelations that instigated the report by An Olive Branch and inspired dozens of other women to come forward. She stands against any abuse and sits in deep compassion and forgiveness for all.

Mahan Kirn is releasing her memoir, Queen of Myself, in late 2022. The story details her life path, being the whistleblower for the abuse within the community she grew up in and her path to healing.

Mahan Kirn is a distinguished meditation teacher, yoga guru, and master healer. She has taught for more than 20 years at leading yoga festivals worldwide, and continues to lead yoga and healing classes and workshops.

Mahan Kirn has worked with over 2,000 private clients for energy healing and spiritual mentoring, including top celebrities and CEOs of Fortune 500 businesses. Mahan Kirn has developed her own teaching style called Mah Bound Lotus®, and has created the Bound Lotus Foundation.

Mahan Kirn has also created a unique Constitutional Home Healing practice to energetically clear and heal dozens of homes, including hotels and leading properties around the globe, and homes of celebrities from the film world.

Mahan Kirn is also the author of 3 Min Start® Yoga: Simple Techniques to Radically Improve Mood and Performance (Bound Lotus LLC, 2019). This book offers easy and effective techniques to radically improve mood and performance.

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