Chapter 1 - Q-tip Head or 5 Raisins as title?

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2021

 Greetings friends & Yogis,

I have embarked on a healing journey to write my story, my heart wishes to allow a river of forgiveness to flow through it, and to flow through all of us.

I love the title 5 Raisins for this chapter.  I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings this chapter evokes, and which title you prefer.

From my heart to yours.  

In love and light, 

Mahan Kirn (aka Mahani)

 Chapter 1   Q-Tip Head at the Florida Ashram/Five Raisins

 My new pink-tinted bifocals made me feel proud on my first day of first grade. Pink was my favorite color, but we were not permitted to wear pink clothing. This was the only pink item I owned: large bifocals, with pink-tinted lenses on the top and baby blue on the bottom.

The elementary school in Altamonte Springs, Florida, seemed large in comparison to the ashram where I lived with my parents. As I stood nervously in line in my tall blue cotton-knit turban and long white dress...

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