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Move through your obstacles and into your opportunities.  



Heal the Mind. Heal the Body. Come home to the Soul.  

Work 1:1 with master healer of 20+ years, Mahan Kirn Kaur.

In healing sessions, here's what you can look forward to:

  • Pre-session opportunity to share what issues you are facing and what you would like the healing to focus on
  • Deep healing at scheduled appointment time
  • Post-healing conversation to explore the themes that arose throughout the healing, and to continue the clearing process in the 24-hour window post session

Essentially, this process is a double healing process, and Mahan Kirn is here to support you through the whole journey.

In sessions, Mahan Kirn will use a set of techniques and methods created to help guide and enhance your personal healing journey. One method is “Deep Healing in the Divine (Sat Nam Rasayan® Healing)” and another, Align To Your Destiny Healing (MahBoundLotus®).


To Book Your Healing

and come home to the space of Divine wisdom within you...

Each of us comes into this existence with a unique set of personal qualities and characteristics. These include aptitudes that then develop into skills and abilities. We are often, sometimes everyday, faced with challenging situations that affect us and those around us. It is important to recognize that every choices we make determines what direction we take in life and what possibilities we have to explore and develop.

When we are confronted with difficulties, as well as opportunities, it is how we deal with them that determine how they affect us. It is important that we use our ability to choose wisely.

A life well lived is a life of growth, a life of healing and a life of development. 



"I'm so grateful that I received Bound Lotus Healing. Old patterns, insecurities and fears of the future no longer prevent me from doing that which brings me joy in this moment. What I desire seems to simply flow to me. I am not searching 'out there' any more, not trying to 'make things happen' nor, 'fit in'. I'm at peace, I feel worthy, I'm creative, I'm loving and I feel loved. I can't quite believe I'm in this beautiful space and I can't thank you enough, dear Mahan Kirn."

Samala Robinson

"Even after several expensive remodels, I just couldn't get comfortable in our new home, and I was finding it difficult to settle into it.  After Mahankirn's visit, my husband and I both agreed our home felt more peaceful, brighter and even lighter as if a density in certain parts were lifted.  As a result we now feel settled, comfortable and peaceful, and have been able to finally enjoy our home."

Michele O'Shea

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