Book 1:1 Inner Alignment (New Client e-Visit)
Book 1:1 Inner Alignment (New Client Office Visit)
Book 1:1 Inner Alignment (Existing Client)
1:1 Inner Alignment (Two Session Package)
Book 1:1 Destiny Alignment Bound Lotus

Heal the Mind. Heal the Body. Come home to the Soul.  

Work 1:1 with master healer of 20+ years, Mahan Kirn Kaur.

In healing sessions, here's what you can look forward to:

  • Pre-session opportunity to share what issues you are facing and what you would like the healing to focus on
  • Deep healing during your session utilizing multiple healing modalities
  • Post-healing conversation to explore the themes that arose throughout the healing, and to continue the clearing process in the 24-hour window post session

Essentially, this process is a double healing process, and Mahan Kirn is here to support you through the whole journey.

In sessions, Mahan Kirn will use a set of techniques and methods created to help guide and enhance your personal healing journey.



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